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Why Our Programs Are Unique?

Unicare offers the best medical care bundles across Egypt. With so many options to choose from, organizations have a better chance of finding an option that fits their requirements. On the other hand, they also have the freedom to customize medical care packages.

Our Programs include:

A. Medical Coverage Plans
B. Actual Cost Programs
C. Special Offer For Individuals

Our Basic Medical Services:

– Medical Emergencies – Includes medical examination, investigations, and treatment in the Emergency Department of any of the hospitals listed under Unicare Medical Network.
– Medical Consultation – Consultations are provided by our team of highly skilled Primary Care Physicians during their visit to the customer’s location.
– Medical Examination & Consultation – Provided through a selected number of consultants and medical professors at their private clinics or other outpatient clinic listed under Unicare Medical Network.
– Investigations – Laboratory and scan investigation services are available at our network of laboratories and scan centres spread all across Egypt.
– Medications – We bear the expenses for medication purchased from our network of pharmacies which will be incurred in full or coinsurance basis. Unicare bears 90% to 50% of the expenses incurred as per the plan.
– Ambulance Services Across Egypt
– Inpatient Services – Accommodation based on the chosen plan – Suite, Excellent First Class Single Room, Regular, Double Room, or First Class Single Room would be provided and the expenses related to surgical interventions, special care units services, and anaesthetic covered.

Additional Services:

– Dental Treatment
– Dental Implants (Prosthetics)
– Eyeglasses
– Chronic Medications
– Critical conditions such as HCV, open-heart surgery, cancer, and cardiac catheter.
– Maternity