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Unicare mobile app takes mobile medical insurance to a total new level. have you ever wanted to know where all the nearby hospitals are? Under certain circumstances, everyone would benefit from knowing that.

Unicare’s mobile app helps you in getting to know every medical portal around you, starting with options of hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and doctors. The app aims to ease your time by checking the information you need on the spot.

Unicare’s Mobile app aims to help you access the medical network providers so you can take a view of all your options and choose what you feel most comfortable with.

The modesty and tech-advanced way that the mobile application has been made gives you easy access to everything you’d expect from a medical insurance app. Not just that, but the application will continue further development up to help show you many more exclusive facilities to help direct you as quickly as possible and as accurate as it gets.

The Mobile app allows you:
1- To view your medical network, preferred/nearby doctors, hospitals and laboratories.
2- To view your medical network’s operating hours and visiting times.
3- To view and update your profile.

Download the application to enjoy its great features and enjoy living a healthy life.
– Take a breath and discover all the features and navigations you need.
– We care to keep you safe and secured using the mobile app, therefore, we secure our your privacy and would like you to acknowledge that all your data is highly protected.